Back in the saddle…or at least, writing about saddles…and other stuff as well…

Hello. I am back. Did you miss me?

The last few weeks have been – well – interesting…

I’ve not been well. I’ve got ‘some kind’ of problem with my sinus / ear / nose. I say ‘some kind’ of problem because my own Doctor hasn’t been too sure what to do with me. I’ve been getting infections, mostly somewhere between the outside of my ear and the tip of my nose via my sinus cavities. When it kicks in, wherever the infection decides it wants to infect, it means I can’t write because either:

a) My nose is perpetually running and my face hurts.

b) My ear is perpetually whistling and my face hurts.

c) My sinus is perpetually throbbing and my face hurts.

It’s got bad enough for me to go have to have an MRI scan of my head…and I get the results tomorrow (10th of October 2013).

In the meantime – I’ve been trying to write these pithy blog posts, and sort out my PhD application and funding and hold down a full time job without taking too much time off from any of these responsibilities.

Well, I’m not going to disappoint the people who have contributed to crowd funding my PhD through: http://www.gofundme.com/medievalgardensandparks

PhD research wise I’ve got nothing but good news. I’ve identified another medieval park on the south coast of the Llŷn Peninsula near Abererch (Latitude 52.904838; Longitude -4.3640184). Interestingly, this park is superficially similar to some of the other parks I’ve found – but this one is the first one I’ve found with a specific reference to Crane Hunting – something I’d only ever read about in the theoretical framework of the Welsh Laws – not actually expected to find happening in the real world.

That’s it for now. More about my writing experience next week.


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